Keeping cool


Things I’ve learnt about myself in the last week.

I have a lot more patience than I give myself credit for. Mila has been having the WORST tantrums. Think feral child meets gremlin that gets wet with screeches resembling that of an annoyed banshee. And it’s been going like this for probably 4 days now, at least twice a day. She says she is tired, and my dear child I am tired as well.

The concept of having a bad day I get, oh do I understand, but losing your shit about not being able to take your own jacket off? So I went to my trusted friend Google, always willing to lend a helping hand, especially in times of desperation. And she tells me to remain calm, remove the child from the situation and quietly talk to her. You are kidding right? I didn’t have any other plans so I figured I’ll give it a try. Uhm, the spawn of Satan did not take well to that. When I eventually managed to lift her spastic 13kg body off the floor, she got me by the hair. Still I remained calm and whisper under my breath “Myself, you are bigger than this”

We proceeded down the hallway with her wriggling like a fish out of water, luckily I didn’t drop her. Supermom moment right there. We went and sat in her room, which now consists of a teepee and a cupboard. (See Instagram post RE new sleeping arrangement)  We sit on the carpet in the dimly lit room, which creates quite a calming ambience if I should say so myself and it feels like my darling daughter is returning to her own self as she starts to relax.

Silence before the storm? The banshee awakens with shrills that make my ears ring. Soft talking that’s what google said. I calmly start saying it’s okay and we love her and she is safe and then she bit me.

After that it was a bit of a blur but obviously I let her go and she ran like the wind to continue her fit where she started.

This is not a post to advise what to do during tantrums.

At the moment we are literally just waiting it out, letting her go bat shit crazy and then, once she is calm and breathing try talking to her.

No foolproof solution here, just raw honest mothering.

At the end of the day we are all just people trying to get our little ones to adulthood in one piece.



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