Oh it’s Monday again and SPRING




Yes that dreaded day that you probably despise as much as your better half despise icy fingers find their way under his warm shirt, stealing his body heat faster than an ice cube can melt on a hot plate. But we have to deal with it non the less.

We’ve made it to spring in the Southern Hemisphere and it feels like the year has swooshed past and I am lagging behind. (With Nik Naks in my hair and something that I am assuming was a jellytot at some point stuck to the back of my pants) No Susan I don’t live in a pigsty, I have a toddler.

So, with it being the beginning of the week and a new season, and me being all pumped up and ready for it- is it time for wine yet-I need to make a confession. (Insert dramatic music)

I am terrible at organising, maybe I’m just terrible at adulting in general, I left the house this morning without shoes, it’s sacrilege that one can’t work in slippers. I am not sure if it’s having a child-you know pregnancy brain- or if it’s age, but my short term memory is non-existent. I have tried apps on my phone, diaries, those fancy folder things that you pretty much file your life in, yes, it has a name I just cant think of it now, and nothing seems to stick, or get done for that matter. Which poses a problem, especially seeing as I have this little side gig known as a full time job. I start off okay and then after about two to three weeks it just goes. (That is a lie-make it 2-3 hours, I get bored quite easily)  Thinking about it I might  just be a master procrastinator. The book ends up at the bottom of my bag. One thing that does stick, sticky notes.

I can make lists and make lists of the lists i need to make.

P R O B L E M  S O L V E D

Now I wonder if sticky notes will stop me from devouring my entire fridge content in one sitting.


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