Adopting a pet

So evidently my busy schedule is making me less than available to blog. I have even deserted my social media platforms, and while it’s not necessarily a bad thing-you know with the whole people being connected but so disconnected pandemic doing it’s rounds- I have found that I actually miss it.

I just don’t seem to find the time to fit it in, who can do anything productive with a toddler around. Make time you will say, sleep less, stop watching tv, and I suppose I could do all that, but in all honesty I like sleeping and I like binge watching series. (I am pretty sure it doesn’t count as binge watching if you are only watching one and a half episode at a day-I’m busy with season 2 of Stranger Things)

Okay, I am rambling.

I just wanted to give an update, seeing as my last post was quite a big one (emotionally), and then I just fell off the planet.

What’s been happening? After 10 whole months we decided to get another puppy. We have been discussing it for a while and we knew we would be adopting one because their are so many looking for a home.

Meet Enzo, the rescue pup. Yes as in Enzo Ferrari, inspired by the book “The art of racing in the rain.” by Garth Stein

After a few short days this little chap has climbed into our hearts rather deeply and we are willing to overlook his hyperactivity, poop in the house, eating my precious plant and pretty much everything he can get his little paws on including the tot’s toys. This actually makes for good entertainment, he runs to her room and come out with a something, a moment of silence, then you hear “No Enzo, that’s mine.”  (I am sure we will get that under control in good time and hopefully it will teach our child some valuable lessons on  “sharing is caring”)

So yes it’s like having a second toddler in the house, except the human toddler seems to be better behaved than the animal one. Hey at least it encourages her potty training which is a huge plus.

We adopted Enzo from D.A.R.T and I’m sure if the husband had his way we would’ve brought them all back home with us. I am not going to lie adopting is a bit of a tedious process, and with good reason, these animals have been abondoned and are in dire need of loving homes where they can spend the rest of their lives.


Happy Wednesday.




5 thoughts on “Adopting a pet

  1. I just love dogs. I have 4 and they are like little humans in my house, each with their own personalities. They are a handful at times but well worth it, if you look at all the love they give back 🙂


  2. Congrats on your second addition to the home ENZO! What a cute name! My pet passed away two years ago and I’m just now feeling ready to think about adopting or fostering . Good luck with everything.


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