The little things.

The skies decided to open this evening and bless us with some much needed rain.

The Western Cape is in a drought, the worst recorded in history and we are preparing for day zero. Yes there has been strict water restrictions for well over a year but from the 1st of February we have been urged to keep our consumption to 50 liters per person per day. It’s scary and insane and dry.

To add to the terrifying situation is the fact that this has probably been the hottest summers I’ve experienced in Cape Town in the 10 years I’ve lived here. The only thing I can compare it to is getting off the airplane in Dubai waiting for the bus to take us to the terminals. It’s a sensation of almost suffocating, like your lungs can’t get enough oxygen to function.

Cape Townians are slow on a good day but lately we have been moving around like a bunch of dehydrated sloths.

Dark ominous clouds started clumping together and in the distance you could see rain over the ocean. As it grew darker lighting and thunder decided to join the party and I couldn’t help but think of the electric storms on the Highveld at about 4 in the afternoon.

Initially there were a few drops of rain which just wet the top layers of soil. Basically enough to settle the dust to some extent.

We continued with the normal hustle and bustle. Supper and evening chats. Contemplating life and its ongoings.

Then, loud taps, first slowly then louder and louder.


Large hael.

In Cape Town.

As the classic “Valie” seeing the ocean for the first time we stood in the open doorway curiously peering at these little ice blocks whitening the dry grass patches that once was our lawn.

Being born in Cape Town, and only (almost) 3 years old, Miss M has never seen this weather occurrence and kept asking for us to go fetch her little pieces of ice.

As the hail dissipated, a few drops of water still fell from the sky.

We decided to investigate.

Behind the house it formed a large puddle of water and Miss M excitedly exclaimed that there’s water. (Poor kid has only ever known drought)

We made our way over and splashed about, we were promptly joined by Enzo, who darted every time a drop hit him. (He gets strangely excited about the most arbitrary things.)

The husband made an appearance and it soon turned into a water fight. Miss M practically sitting down in the water, she was laughing so hard.

It dawned on me, this is what life is about.

These little unplanned random moments, soaking wet with fresh rain water. Splashing and laughing as a family.

These are the things you and your child will remember one day.

The little things.

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