You will rise



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There was an elaborate plan of the blog post  I wanted to write Miss M for her third birthday. It was going to be absolute magic and awe inspiring and would have brought tears to even the stubbornest of souls. (The tears might be a bit much-rather unicorns and rainbows and bubbles)

Much to my dismay, this little terror called Time got the better of me and I pretty much have, well, nothing.

So here’s the deal:


You are loved.

Immensely, by wonderful parents and grandparents who believe that you can do anything you put your little mind to. Your aunt whom, even though it doesn’t always seem that way, does believe in equality for women (and men) alike. By our friends who work hard to show that women can take up power positions and excel in male dominated careers.

You are so loved.

I don’t want the bad things that happen in the world to impact how you see people.

I still want you to have hope that the appointment to US president of a man who so openly despises women will not impact how you see the world, how you live in this world and how you treat people.

As a family, we will strive to show you that when Hillary Clinton, speaking about her possible female presidency, said, “One of you is next”, she was directing that at you.

Even though you can’t officially be US president, you are going to shatter those glass ceilings not with a hammer, but with a steamroller. And you will do this while wearing trousers or a on-trend pink sequined ballet skirt, whatever you fancy. You are going to live in a world where men and women are paid the same for doing the same job, a world where ‘sexism’ is abandoned and file along other labels in archives where they belong.

My knowledge of democracy and right and wrong is, on a toddler level, basic. I do not let you see my silent tears when racist remarks and name calling are still used like an official language. When statistics revealed that our country has the highest rate of females murdered by their intimate partners in the world, I didn’t allow you to see my fear and mourning.

Because you see I believe in hope.

I believe in the 60 million people who voted against Trump. I believe in the tens of thousands of people who marched that Zuma must fall. I believe that while your future has been decided on an infantile belief in ‘greatness’ at the great cost of inclusion, diversity, equality and the economy, I believe in your generation.

Because, you are the good guy and the good guys will make the world a better place.


Here’s to the future. It’s yours for the taking.


Your mamma, Chantelle

6 thoughts on “You will rise

  1. So, several years ago I decided that every year on my kids’ birthdays, I would tell them the story of the day they were born, and I would write them a letter. The letter would talk about the changes they’d gone through the past year, the funny things they’d done, and what their personalities were like. I’ve tried my best to keep these up so that I can give them the collection on their 18th birthdays. So glad there’s a like-minded Mama doing the same! You’ll never be able to capture ALL those thoughts and memories while they’re fresh like that again!

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