Free Falling


In an attempt to get healthier-and fit- I have resorted to walking every morning. As most things in life it is proving a tad harder to make this habit but I am trying.

Yesterday I was feeling super fit, went for a walk with my couch to 5km app and actually started a slow trot and heaven behold I didn’t feel like my lungs were collapsing or my legs were going to give in on me.

With elevated spirits I then agreed overeagerly to go and walk our pups with the husband. I blame endorphins and serotonin levels. Our dear fur children turn into utter hooligans as soon as you reach or the leash and getting the harnesses on through the happy yelping and tail wagging already burns about 200 calories. After a 10 minute endurance challenge they are both leashed and we are off.

A rapid race to the gate ensues and as soon as it’s open, I am sure if life had a soundtrack “Born Free” by Matt Monroe would be playing full blast at this point.

Freedom. No walls or gates keeping them in anymore-except for the harness and the leash with I am holding onto for dear life-but that most definitely doesn’t dampen their eager little spirits.

We walk, which is more like sniff sniff-oooh a bird-SPRINT-snif sniff-oooh a tree-sniff sniff. Together we make it to the greenbelt without encountering any major obstacles or taking on any heavy machinery (read cars).

Theres a bit of sniffing and Enzo is off with the husband, heading for the little wooden bridge over the gully that used to house a stream, now it’s only filled with dust and rocks.

Cooper decides this is a race he is not going to loose and gears into race mode. Head down, tail up he pulls away in a flurry that literally makes The Coyote look like a loris. Although still a pup, he has a tenacious force and I am pulled along without much alternative.

Instead of heading for the bridge he side steps and make a turn straight for the gully. I am totally in agreement with his choice, the bridge is a bit too grotty for my liking.

We run up a small hill and then the inevitable happens.

The superior running shoe’s front hooks on a half buried boulder.

The slogan “Impossible is Nothing” definitely held true.

Still holding onto the leash, while the undercover Peregrine Falcon leaps forward, I feel my weight being pulled forward. A step, another step.

I’m going to make it and not fall and we will laugh about this in a few minutes.

Another step.

I am still airborne.

Visions of blue skies are met with gravel and rocks and grass and I am on the ground.

Not very graciously I fell, HARD.

This player is on the bench and out of action.

At least for the next few days.

And I am sure we will laugh about this, one day, just not today.





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