B is for BABY

Everybody loves the countdown to a new baby. It is among the best – and most profound – before and afters life has to offer.

Leap into the great unknown, fall off the edge of a cliff, enter a brave new world. Invoke any imagery you like: when the cord is cut and what was for nine months a hidden part of you becomes something tangible, it is as exciting and scary and unpredictable as each of them suggests.

The point of all of this is one and the same: having a baby is a scriptless endeavour. And not simply the birth part, the parenting part too.

Just as you can’t know in advance what your baby will be like or how exactly it will find its way out of your body or into the world, so too you can’t know in advance what your baby will be like or how exactly it will find its way out of your body, so too you can’t know in advance what you will be like with that baby once it does.

This is especially true of first children. If all pregnancies are journeys into the unknown, none is more so than the first, where the destination is motherhood itself.

Its grandeur needs to be celebrated, on all accords. If I had my way it would be celebrated daily, hourly in fact.

I had the privilege to host a little celebration for my sister, who is about to give life to another human mid-April.

As with all event organising, there is a host of stressors that come into play. This one was big; she is my sister, she arranged my bridal shower; she arranged my baby shower; she is pretty damn important. (Also she is my only sibling)

Her pregnancy has been quite an adjustment, as all pregnancies are, and being about eight months pregnant I knew little pin-the-umbilical-cord-to-the-baby games was not going to go down very well, nevermind estimate the bump diameter.

Our venue was absolutely amazing. Tranquil, beautiful gardens and serene water features which adds to the calmness of it all.

Our hosts were accommodating and extremely helpful from the get-go. They were truly the best hosts and George’s food is absolutely amazing.

All and all it was a definite success.

Snapseed 7Snapseed 11Snapseed 12


SnapseedSnapseed 5Snapseed 8

Snapseed 10Snapseed 3Snapseed 9

Snapseed 2Snapseed 16Snapseed 14

Venue: Vredenhof Organic Estate

Decor-Prints designed by myself and printed by 3@1

Silver Balloons and woodland animals (I painted them silver) by Katty House Party Supplies

Flower Crown, mommy-to-be brooch, gifts garland made by myself

Baby Cot kindly borrowed from Miss M


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