Teeth clenched, holding my breath just staring blankly at the toddler as she continues to meticulously unwrap each and every crayon. Leaving them bare and naked, exposed to the elements, spread on the table.

Little fingers in a pincer grasp, pendulate around the table trying to decide what colour is satisfactory to her hungry senses. Life is simple when you are so young-if you want your sky to be purple it can be, change your mind half way and decide on a green, you do that.

I harbour a deep love and passion for art and encourage creativity; well as much as a strongly-willed toddler allow themselves to be steered in a certain direction.

As much as I admire her willingness to create beautiful pieces, I do get agitated with all the little broken pieces of crayon. Seeing miss M has gotten about 15 packets of wax crayons-everyone that brings a colouring book also gifts crayons and my ninja skills seem to be lacking because as soon as I try and sneak it away she’s onto me like a hound on the trial of a rabbit.

With the underlying fear of becoming a hoarder and being featured on a reality tv show, I also dislike wasting usable products-yes I cut open my toothpaste tubes to get every last bit out.

Feeling absolutely dibilitated by my obscure confliction I came across this life-hack, or in my case life-saver.

What to do with “leftover” crayon bits

  1. First, gather all the little bits of crayon you have. I colour coordinated mine but you can just mix the colours together.



2.  Place your crayons in a silicone cookie mould. I only had this mini bundt cake mould but you can spice it up-obviously. I know you do get really nice moulds.  Make sure you place the mould on a baking tray before you put them in the oven.




3. Place in a heated pre-heated oven on 180 °C until the crayons have melted which is approximately 10-15 mins depending on your oven as well as the effect you are after. (I am going to be honest, this process does give off a foul smell.)

4. Remove the baking tray with your silicone moulds from the oven and let it cool completely.

5. Once completely cooled, remove from the mould.


Voila! Beautiful shapes that colour. If you would like multiple colours in one crayon reduce the melting time so that the colours melt but are still separated.

This is a fun activity to do with your art-loving child and drawing with them is so much fun as the colours change.

Now to get them to only write on paper.



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