TOYS: A life with less

A Sunday evening approaches a heavy feeling beckons, a tad of melancholy but mostly dread. It’s not the normal Sunday blues that you experience back in your varsity days-that would be more accurately described as a feeling of longing, loneliness. Oh no, this is definitely apprehension.

The kid has managed to unpack-more like scatter- every single toy they own across your living room floor. Your house resembles a game from Jumanji and to quote my mom, “A cat can have a litter in here and you won’t even know”

Kids, toys and less doesn’t really make much sense when used in the same sentence, but hear me out.

Lyneve from The Smart Toy Club approached me about their wonderful service. This makes my insides warm and fuzzy because now less toys can be a reality.

So what exactly is this Smart Toy Club? Is it an elite club? How do you become a member? How does it work? Do you need to qualify?

The Smart Toy Club is the brainchild of 2 mamas who saw a market and decided to take the leap. We all want the very best for our children, but more often than not we end up purchasing mountain loads of either completely irrelevant toys or something that our children get bored of or break-but don’t you dare get rid of it. Hell hath no fury like your kid catching you throwing ANYTHING AWAY EVER. You need to sneak those suckers out like a Mexican drug lord.

The Smart Toy Club is a rental company for toys-I know, it’s genius. They provide rentals for kids from 6 months old right up until 5 years. It works on a monthly rotation so every month you will get a bag filled with age-appropriate toys for your little.

First thing’s first- you sign up via their website, with your child’s name and age-along with all other relevant information-no lengthy forms that feel like you are signing over your mortgage. Payment is done via EFT and is approximately R299.00 per month if you are based in the Western Cape and R349.00 for National Delivery. Not a bad price considering the value of each bag is approximately R700.00 or more.

Your entertainment for the month comes in a very nifty cobalt blue shopper type bag, including a tag with your child’s name. Personalization always adds a special touch. Opening the bag is definitely part of the excitement. Inside you will find carefully selected toys appropriate for your child’s age group. If you at any point feel the toys are too advanced or not advanced enough, you just send them a mail and these wonderful women will make sure your next bag will be more suitable to your child’s needs.

They are all nicely packed and wrapped in mesh bags-so no plastic here which always makes my (wannabe) eco-friendly heart jump for joy. All toys are cleaned and carefully inspected before they leave for their “new” homes for the month.

The toys are carefully selected and are of pristine quality and definitely delivers on the promise of being educational and stimulating. And once the tots get bored it’s time for your next bag.

At the end of the month, Lyneve sends you a full list of the toys that went to your home to help you to hunt them down.

We had an event where our puppy brothers decided one puzzle piece would make a wonderful chew toy. It’s embarrassing but it’s life. The ladies were very understanding and allowed us to buy the product out.

Not only is it a wonderful relief to not to have to fork out money for every single toy, it also teaches your child to look after things that they are just borrowing. It’s a win-win situation.

We all know kids toys take us right back to our childhood years so anticipation and excitement are shared by young and old and learning possibilities are endless.

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