7 Things that will make your day-to-day more efficient


As a full-time working mom (what does that even mean?) I quite easily buy into lifehacks. Of course, most of them are absolutely ridiculous, like using tomato sauce as a bookmark.  One does not have to think twice to know that even considering it is absolutely blasphemous. If you have any respect for written literature you would not even consider it, also it’s a waste of tomato sauce that could have been put to better use, like on the instant noodles that you are having for supper for the fifth night in a row because you haven’t had time to go and buy groceries.

Before I go off in a completely different trail-which I do too often let’s get on with the list. I have actually tried these things and they do work, rather brilliantly.


1. Dreamy toilet paper scents


Drip a few drops of essential oil on the inside of a toilet roll before you put it in your toilet roll holder.

The smell isn’t poignant enough to make your bathroom smell better, but it does make your toilet paper smell lovely. I used lavender oil but I am sure if you use a citrus oil the smell would come out even more.


2. Dry shampoo the more cost-effective way.


We have all had those days where you just didn’t have time to wash your hair. If you are a mom you are blessed if you even have time to take a quick 2-second shower, nevermind hair washing. (Also I have about 20 containers of unused baby powder from my baby shower-I had to get innovative)

Dry shampoo, although super efficient, is quite pricey.

Rather just throw some baby powder on the roots an oily bits and shake your hair out. (preferably over the bath BEFORE you get dressed-as it is a white powdery affair.) Then just brush and style and you are good to go.


3. Sticky Mess

Those sticky barcodes on items that just drives you up (and down) the wall, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with a few of those as they are everywhere. If you are lucky you will be able to get it off without the sticky residue but more often than not you end up with sticky bits which just attracts everything.


Before you soak everything in thinners or some abrasive corrosive hear me out; hand disinfectant/sanitizer. Simply spray on the label, let it sit and wipe off. For appliances with sticky -goo use lemon juice.

Works like a dream.

4. Mothballs-EEUW

I hate the smell of mothballs, it reminds me of old people. My grandmother, bless her soul, used to have mothballs in her cupboard, she also used to hide sweets in the same cupboard. I remember when we used to go visit she asked if we wanted a sweety and being kids obviously the answer was yes. Sparkly-eyed and with great enthusiasm our little hands would take the individually wrapped chocolate candy and stuff it in our mouths, just to have our eagerness crushed by huge dismay, these suckers TASTED like mothballs.

So how do you win these silverfish without going the mothball route? A bar of soap.



Simply add a bar of unpackaged soap to your cupboards, linen, towels or any stored clothing and it will be free from invasion. Apparently lavender also helps.


5. A little bit louder

Want your phone beats a bit louder?


Simply put it in a glass or a cup. Initially, I thought it was rather ridiculous but it makes an astounding difference. It is also a lot cheaper than buying a speaker.

Please note; the glass needs to be empty.

6. Soft and fluffy

Few things in life feel as good as brand new towels. Unfortunately, after a few washes, they tend to become hard and gross.

With 2 simple ingredients, you can have them feeling like new.

Firstly, put your crusty towels in the washing machine and add a cup of vinegar in the detergent dispenser or directly into the wash. Do not add any detergent or softener. Wash on the highest temperature. When your wash is done add a cup of bicarbonate soda to your load and wash again on the highest temperature. You can put your towels directly into your dryer from there. I usually let them air dry outside a bit. Once dry I put them in the dryer on the highest setting.  Add dryer balls to make them softer. I don’t own dryer balls, not sure if it’s normal or not but tennis balls also work brilliantly. (It just sounds like you are under attack by an air raid.)


Result-the softest fluffiest towels that are super absorbent.

7. No spills

Have you ever boiled water and looked away for a second and when you look at the pot it has boiled over completely?


Balance a wooden spoon over the top of the pot to prevent it from boiling over. Others that have researched this occurrence found that a wooden spoon absorbs some of the heat from the pot as well as breaks the surface tension of the bubbles, preventing them from building up.


These are the ones I’ve tried and actually use regularly because they work so well.

Do you have any lifehacks that you swear by? I would love to hear them.


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