First trimester; second time around


There are a few symptoms that are commonly associated with the first trimester. Most common ones include nausea with or without vomiting, tender breasts, increased urination, fatigue, food aversions, heartburn and constipation. (I am fully aware that most moms are more than common with these symptoms seeing as you would’ve experienced it before-also I got the list with the help of google.)

More than 50% of women experience morning sickness during pregnancy. I have no idea why no one has bothered changing the name yet as most who have experienced it will very well know that is not limited to mornings.

I had morning sickness (or all-day-sickness) with Miss M and definitely expected it this time around. By no means did I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum and my heart truly goes out to every mother that has to go through it.

Nausea, in general, is not the most pleasant bedfellow. It has pretty much been 2 months of gagging, convulsing and dry heaving like a cat trying to get rid of a hairball, minus the hairball of course.  What makes this adventure even more exciting is that when you are at your lowest, hanging over the toilet, you will hear a little echoing voice asking “Mommy, what are you doing?” just to look next to you and see your toddler’s head in the toilet as well.

Then let’s talk incontinence. The lack of voluntary control over urination. I suffer from incontinence when I am pregnant.

In short; if I sneeze I pee if I cough I pee and yes you are correct every nausea spree results in a little accident.

Tender breasts, it makes it sound so benign?

It feels more like your breasts are housing heavy rocks and every movement makes you painfully aware that they are there. After breastfeeding though, the “tender” breasts didn’t feel as sensitive as the first time around.

Then the fatigue, it’s all consuming and seems never-ending. It’s like running a race (not that I run) every time you think you might have a view of the finish line another hill pops up and hastily blocks the endpoint out of view.

Perhaps a more accurate description would be-Jet lag. You are sleepy in the day, irritable, lack of concentration and headaches. Let’s not forget nausea, this little guy creeps up on you like a cockroach scavenging for food scraps.

With my first pregnancy, I had definite food aversions, I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of lamb. It might be because I had it very early in my pregnancy, but even at the end I still couldn’t quite stomach it. This time around I am happy to report no serious aversions, I do stay clear of very fragrant foods, too many spices and herbs.

It all just seems so much harder when you have a toddler running around, especially when they start to ask questions. Miss M was adamant that I had to go to the doctor to get an injection because I was sick for so long. But somehow you peg your nose and hang a bucket around your neck and just keep on going.

There’s not really much else you can do, is there?




Photo: Miles Aldridge 

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