You will rise

      There was an elaborate plan of the blog post  I wanted to write Miss M for her third birthday. It was going to be absolute magic and awe inspiring and would have brought tears to even the stubbornest of souls. (The tears might be a bit much-rather unicorns and rainbows and bubbles) […]

The little things.

The skies decided to open this evening and bless us with some much needed rain. The Western Cape is in a drought, the worst recorded in history and we are preparing for day zero. Yes there has been strict water restrictions for well over a year but from the 1st of February we have been […]

The gift of life-Stem Cell storage

Let’s take a brief moment and talk about stem cells. So your initial reaction would be what the hell is that and what does that have to do with being a mother. Well, everything really. What is a stem cell? It is an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism which is capable of giving rise […]


  So let’s talk childbirth and all the things nobody cares to share with you. You know the less glamorous stuff that gets shunned off to the side like yesterday’s rubbish. First a bit of biology. Babies can be born by two means; Either they pop out of your vagina like a  cork from a […]

One, two and then comes three

I suppose every mother gets sentimental around the time of their child’s birthday. What the hell am I even saying I think ANY mother is pretty much sentimental when simply looking at their child, a little bit of heaven that carries a piece of their heart. Miss M’s birthday is fast approaching and I every […]

Let’s go swimming

Whether you are a professional, amateur or merely just beginning to find your “fins” swim gear is something that is pretty much as necessary as wearing a helmut while cycling.

Except for aerodynamics swim gear also provides protection, from UV and chemicals in the pool. Let’s just say once chlorine hits the pool it’s like that friend you love to hate. Luckily we have come a long way from these;


Swim mask dating 1920-ish, designed to protect your face from harmful UV rays. It wants to look a bit like a halloween costume gone wrong. Aint no way you are getting your little angel into one of those.


Goggles (Words escape me)

Luckily that was about a hundred years ago and we do things better now. Spurt has designed a range of absolutely gorgeous swimming gear. You can have a look here.

We have teamed up with Spurt and we are giving away this gorgeous set of gear to one lucky reader.


Prize includes; Blue penguin swimming cap, silver adjustable goggles and nose clip

How do you enter?

Simply follow us on Instagram and like the competition picture. Tag a mate and you could be the lucky winner of this awesome prize.

For an extra entry let me know what do you think of the Spurt range

(Competition open to South African residents only)


Happy 20 uhm 18

Life is racing at Mach speed and it feels like I literally need to hold on to something grounded to prevent myself from getting whiplash. Wasn’t it 2014 like 5 seconds ago?Perhaps it isn’t that bad, perhaps my brain has just been set to cruise mode for the past 3 odd years. What I have […]