So let’s talk childbirth and all the things nobody cares to share with you. You know the less glamorous stuff that gets shunned off to the side like yesterday’s rubbish. First a bit of biology. Babies can be born by two means; Either they pop out of your vagina like a  cork from a […]

My struggle with postpartum depression

It’s taken me two years, 7 months, 5 days and a lot of courage to finally share my postpartum experience. I know that every type of funk that comes with postpartum depression is equally as awful due to the anxiety, extreme sadness, fear and rage that accompanies it. I also have mentioned before that I […]

Wanderlust not so “wander”ful

TRAVELING WITH A TODDLER When Mila was just about 3 months old we went to Amsterdam for a holiday. (Yes we are those looney parents that planned a trip overseas before the bambino had actually arrived.) Naturally I was a nervous wreck, I like my comfort zone on the best of days, I had to […]

Blogpost numero uno

Oh my goodness, here I go again.

So firstly I would like to thank you for actually coming and reading my blog (again) I know I’ve given this a go twice before, and you know what they say; “Third time’s a charm.” So let’s hold thumbs. (Please don’t hold your breath though-I can’t deal with that kind of pressure)

If it is the first time you are reading my blog, welcome. My name is Chantelle. I am a woman, a girl at heart-sometimes I actually find it hard to believe that I can drive a car, yes I often sit in my car thinking this is so freaked awesome-perks of traffic. I am a wife to the most amazing human, Terrence and mother to an even more astonishing little person, Mila. I know I honestly do know amazing people, they also just happen to be family. I moved to Cape Town 10 years ago and this is where I decided to adult. Not sure how I am doing but hey I not wanted by Interpol so I must be doing okay.

I am also an optometrist, I think the best way to describe that one is like a little boy once said to his mom; “so the lady is an eye mechanic?”

I know you are probably wondering why is she at it again? Well quite a few things have changed for me personally in the past year, I am hoping to enlighten you as we go along but one thing is I have a bit more time on my hands. Time, with a two year old? What is this woman on-crack?

Actually my permanent job has become less permanent, or less hours, which just means I have a little more time to doodle and write long ramblings of all the insignificant manifestations in my head. I figured my Instagram photo descriptions were getting a bit long.

I look forward to sharing with you, and I am actually excited about writing as a creative outlet. I have tried drawing again, I just get bored or it just doesn’t sit well and I feel disappointed and then I just give up. Fantastic way to approach life I know-note the sarcasm. I have actually explored a few avenues but just haven’t found it to sit well with me. I so badly wish I could get exercise to “sit” well with me, thats a story for another day.

Thank you for reading.







Mila was born on the 17th of February 2015 at 13h44.

A tiny perfect brand new little human. Weighing 3.105kg and only 48cm long. She was so damn perfect (note the mother bias in that sentence) Everything about her, her smell, her small jerky movements, her little dark eyes searching for the familiar, her black hair, those tiny little fingers, teeny toes-all just breathed perfection. Even the pediatrician commented on our beautiful new born with her little elf ears. (I know he probably compliments everyone, he does still refer to her as he baby with the elf ears)


I was pretty chuffed with myself and the husband for making such a precious little person, yet I was freaking out. Here was a little peace of heaven that had to be taken care of. I still find it hard to wrap my head around that.

Our hospital stay kept us isolated from the real world, which I think is only fair. It gives you time to absorb the wonderous nature of the event that has taken place, it gives you time

I found my transition into taking care of little Mila quite effortless, in the sense that I didn’t have issues breastfeeding, she seemed pretty content and was quite healthy. We were making a pretty good team so far.

My darling husband was a superstar, wanting to be involved with everything and we were going to  conquer this parenting gig as a team.

Four days in hospital seemed like an eternity but at the same time went by so fast. I think they should look into setting up retreats for new families for at least a few weeks, to help ease into real life.

Before I knew it our hospital stay was over and we got to bring our new addition home, to officially start our family.