B is for BABY

Everybody loves the countdown to a new baby. It is among the best – and most profound – before and afters life has to offer. Leap into the great unknown, fall off the edge of a cliff, enter a brave new world. Invoke any imagery you like: when the cord is cut and what was […]

Free Falling

In an attempt to get healthier-and fit- I have resorted to walking every morning. As most things in life it is proving a tad harder to make this habit but I am trying. Yesterday I was feeling super fit, went for a walk with my couch to 5km app and actually started a slow trot […]

Bring your own Brass Band

In the dimly lit house I feel like shedding a tear, in the dark on the cold tiled floor on a hot summer evening. That sounds pretty poetic, actually it was more along the lines of ugly crying (Kim Kardashian style) in the dark, on a hot floor, I don’t know who is screwing with El’ Nino and La Nina or who ever is appropriate but GAWD it’s hot. Like sweating bullets hot.

You will rise

      There was an elaborate plan of the blog post  I wanted to write Miss M for her third birthday. It was going to be absolute magic and awe inspiring and would have brought tears to even the stubbornest of souls. (The tears might be a bit much-rather unicorns and rainbows and bubbles) […]

The little things.

The skies decided to open this evening and bless us with some much needed rain. The Western Cape is in a drought, the worst recorded in history and we are preparing for day zero. Yes there has been strict water restrictions for well over a year but from the 1st of February we have been […]


  So let’s talk childbirth and all the things nobody cares to share with you. You know the less glamorous stuff that gets shunned off to the side like yesterday’s rubbish. First a bit of biology. Babies can be born by two means; Either they pop out of your vagina like a  cork from a […]

One, two and then comes three

I suppose every mother gets sentimental around the time of their child’s birthday. What the hell am I even saying I think ANY mother is pretty much sentimental when simply looking at their child, a little bit of heaven that carries a piece of their heart. Miss M’s birthday is fast approaching and I every […]