Tips for flying with children

We are swiftly approaching the festive season and summer holidays (where has the year gone?)  I am sure flights are booked and holiday plans are in order and are literally counting down the days, if not hours, until your departure.

The only damper on your excitement is your kids. Their excitement is palatable and their shrieks and joy is the best sound in the world, but that in conjunction with aeroplane rides the combo can be volatile. In short, flying with kids can be disastrous.
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What’s in a name

As some of you might have seen I have changed my blog name. It has been something on my mind for a while, something that I have thought through intensively and finally just decided to dive in, head first. So, why THE PARENTING PARADOX? As parents we bring these tiny fragile humans into the big wide world, these little ones grow and believe with all their hearts we run the world as well as control everything in it. Little do they know is that behind the “ouchie”-healer, worry-comforter and question-responder facade is a mildly crazy person whose mind runs in … Continue reading What’s in a name

Bring your own Brass Band

In the dimly lit house I feel like shedding a tear, in the dark on the cold tiled floor on a hot summer evening. That sounds pretty poetic, actually it was more along the lines of ugly crying (Kim Kardashian style) in the dark, on a hot floor, I don’t know who is screwing with El’ Nino and La Nina or who ever is appropriate but GAWD it’s hot. Like sweating bullets hot. Continue reading Bring your own Brass Band